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  • What’s it all about

    19th August 2019 by

    Welcome to my blog. I’m hoping to just write what I feel, to write about my life and all the ups and downs that have come with it. I have a lot to write about, so stick with me. I’m open to ideas and suggestions and I do hope you enjoy my website. Much love… Read more

  • Dad V Alf Garnett

    9th September 2019 by

    Golf club prank on my dad A quick noteThere are some profanities throughout this post, if swearing offends you, then do not read further, sorry. My dad can go from calm to angry in the blink of an eye. He will do anything for you, but the second people cross him, BOOM he’s like a… Read more


    6th September 2019 by

    Just a short one today, but relevant. First day back at school it was for the little darlings this week and already, two days in, we’ve lost a p.e top. A few months before she broke up for summer it was a p.e kit including Nike trainers, coat and pencil case. The month before that… Read more

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