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If anyone had told me when I was younger that I would eventually be writing a blog, (although back in the 80’s nobody knew what a blog was)  I probably would have laughed and told them “absolutely no way”, I was going to be a lawyer end of story, no questions asked. 

From the age of 14, I was forever asking my mum to buy me crime supplements from the local newsagents, I would read about Black Dahlia, Tate murders, which were conducted by members of the Manson family, serial killers and women who kill.  Sounds a bit sadistic, but it was something that interested me…. Not killing people of course, but the fascination that somebody could go to those lengths and plan out such horrific crimes with hardly any remorse.  I wanted to be the one who put them behind bars, I wanted to get into their minds and work out what their thought process was, I wanted to understand at what point they had decided to act upon their thoughts of murder.  Although one thing was certain in my mind, I did not want to defend someone who I knew was guilty of the worse possible crimes, but on the opposition to make sure those people spent the rest of their lives in prison.

 I loved watching crime programmes, would sit for hours on end watching back to back episode of 48 hours on YouTube and after years of doing that, then becoming a legal assistant,  I came to the realisation that maybe I didn’t want to be a lawyer after all, I was conflicted and spent the next 20 years of my life trying to find my passion. 

Someone once told me, that the day you find something you enjoy wholeheartedly is the day you never have to work a day in your life, they also asked me, “What are you good at?”, “What do you enjoy?” and  What excites you? And to be honest, I didn’t think I was good at anything, nothing really gave me that much enjoyment and the only thing that excited me were the weekends, as that was when I could turn off my alarm and not think about going to work, well until that dreaded Sunday, when I knew Monday would never bring anything nice.  I never believed that any kind of work could engage me so much so, that I would smile about the prospect of it.  I gained an NVQ in hairdressing and that excited me for about a year, but again, that wasn’t my thing… don’t get me wrong, I was good at it and had a creative flair, but it still wasn’t making me happy.  I needed to find ‘MY HAPPY’.

That brings me to where I am now, I can talk the hind legs off a donkey, talking is my passion and I find communication one of my specialities.  I’ve been told off many times for talking too much, but I have a lot to say and I think I can tell a story in a way that is engaging.  I’ve always been very expressive when telling a story, using my hands and many facial expressions and feel I can capture an audience every time and that’s when the realisation came to me…. I could start writing a blog! If I can talk, then I can write, If I can write, then I can engage and that would give me a purpose.  I could write a blog about anything and everything.  I can talk to my audience.   You lucky people are fortunate enough to click off if you don’t like what I write (unlike my poor suffering husband who I demand makes eye contact with me while I’m talking to him) poor man!  I will share my life, my loves, my funny tales, other peoples’ misfortunes. I can share recipes, review products that I use, and can basically ‘TYPE’ my talk.  I have so much to share.

 I will try to write a couple of posts a month and I do hope you will all come along with me on my journey.  I’m hoping to engage you all, so please be gentle with me as I may make some mistakes along the way, but remember I’m new to this, so feel free to ask questions, even give me advice, I will welcome that.  Send me your own funny/sad/exciting/ odd/scary stories if you wish for me to share them here too, the more the merrier. 

Do you ever find yourself saying to family members, friends, colleagues? Do you remember when this happened or that happened?????  I have a lot of those stories to tell.

Have you ever done something in public that made your toes curl, have you ever wanted the ground to open up, or  have you ever been so embarrassed that you wanted to completely erase that day forever, never to be brought up again?… If you have or if you haven’t, you need to take a look at some of my posts, they will either make you feel better about yourself or make you realise that your life is actually quite stable and you are doing fine.

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