The Crazy Umbrella Lady

My mum is a little bit like me when it comes to chatting. We have spent many a night talking into the early hours, we talk about anything and everything, we laugh, we joke, we both find that laughing is the greatest medicine and we do love to hear jokes.

My mum finished work for the day and was making her way to the train station with a work colleague, let’s call her Sue for now

They had a 15 minute walk, it was raining (something about rain and my mum, but that’s for another story) and they were chatting the whole way.

With about 2 minutes to go until they reached the station and Sue was about to go to another station, she told my mum a very funny joke. Don’t ask me what the joke was, but my mum told me that it was hilarious, in fact so funny that she was crying with laughter. she told Sue off for telling her the joke, as now she had to go into the station alone and didn’t want to be laughing to herself. So, she took a few breaths and tried to think about something other than the joke to stop her from laughing.

She had a 15 minute wait until the train arrived, so she went to the ticket office to purchase her ticket home, then decided to pop into a little shop in the station, she browsed the shop for 5 minutes and bought some mints and then down the escalator to the train.

The platform was packed by the time she got down there, so she had to wrestle her way through a hoard of people to find a place to stand. The train was showing a delay of 5 minutes, so she knew she had to try harder and not laugh.

With 15 minutes still left until the train was due, she tried to compose herself.

That’s when she noticed a lot of people were looking at her strangely and she started to feel paranoid, she looked down to make sure her skirt wasn’t in her knickers or her tights didn’t have a big hole in them, even looked to make sure she had the correct shoes on (that’s another story) Nope, that was all good. It was only when she heard a couple of ladies grinning and pointing at her that she said “excuse me, but is there a problem?”, “We’ve noticed that you’ve had your umbrella up for a long time and wondered whether you knew?” they said.

She wanted the ground to open up, as she had realised that she was carrying the umbrella, opened, through everything during the wait t

I did ask her one question…. “Did you get on the train when it pulled in?” “No” she said, “I’m not that stupid, I waited for the next one, there was no way I was getting on that train with everyone knowing it was me with the umbrella”. Yep I would have done the same.

lShe was known as the the crazy umbrella lady in our house for quite some time and I’m sure a few commuters went home that night and shared the story.

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