Just a short one today, but relevant.

First day back at school it was for the little darlings this week and already, two days in, we’ve lost a p.e top.

A few months before she broke up for summer it was a p.e kit including Nike trainers, coat and pencil case.

The month before that was a p.e kit, including Nike trainers. (Yes I bought another set)

So today as I’m ranting and raving over another lost p.e top, I’ve decided to play clever.

I told her that she would be going to Student Services on Monday, thats the lost property part of her school and will be coming home with her p.e top. She answered with a “Yeah chill yourself out, its no big deal”. Well it is a big bloody deal to me, she’s only been at senior school for a year and two p.e kits including trainers and one tie has been lost in the first year. Second year seems to be going in the same direction.

She told me that her school shoes, shirts, skirts and trainers for p.e were all too tight for her when she broke up for summer break, so I knew I wasnt going to see my wages this month and she asked if I could buy her some Kickers. I looked online before I replied (yeah dont judge me, she’s 12 and I wanted to make sure I could afford them). £45-55, yeah I could afford that and told her so.

She is a size 7… like when did that happen? What 12 year old is a size 7? … Right lets get these Kickers bought.

I’m still in shock 5 days later, those bloody Kickers that I agreed to buy are still £45-55 depending on where you buy them, UNTIL you reach a size 7. A size 7 is an adult size and the price for a size f%@king 7 (yes i’m swearing now) is £80. £80 for a pair of shoes for a 12 year old, who no doubt will trip over those big feet and scuff the shit out of them. £80 for a scuffed pair of shit by week 2.

Well i’ve told her i’m strapping up her feet and she will have to stay strapped until she is 18, because those feet are not getting any bigger.

Anyway, back to the rant about the p.e top…

My little darling has a money box in her bedroom with lotsa dollar in (it’s what she calls that paper stuff that is no longer in my bank)

She was told today by yours truly that her ‘lotsa dollar’ will be no longer. 

If she doesn’t find that lost p.e top, the ‘lotsa dollar’ will be going towards a new one and anything else she so carelessly loses.  Win for me and lost dollar for her. 

Did the trick, she’s going to student services on Monday, apparently she’s getting a p.e top from them regardless of what name is in the label, she’ll worry about the consequences of that when the time happens.

I can guarantee you, those new £55 pair of Nike trainers will be forever in her p.e bag from now on.  Not too sure about the scuffed shoes though, she’s a bit clumsy and will have to accept that. I’ve finally stood my ground and won the battle.

Learn as much as you can while you are young, as life becomes too busy later.